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Easy Check Counter
PMV ECC Easy Check Counter

For the packaging industry it is important for the producer as well as for the customer to make sure that there is always the right amount of packages packed into a box or accordingly delivered. Don’t waste precious working hours with manual counting of your sample tests!

With our ECC we give you literarily an electronic device at hand to check quick and safely if there is besides of the quality the right quantity in the packed or received packaging box. Our device counts the most parallel packed folded packages on their folded edge. We check without any obligation if our ECC device reliably counts your products. The device is improved continuously. The handling of the device is very simple: Open the box of packages, pull out all packages, so the folded edges of the packages are accessible with the ECC, push and hold the button and drag the ECC across the packages. The counted quantity is shown immediately afterwards in the good readable display. If you want to repeat the count to secure your measurement or to count several boxes in a row, you can choose if the next counting shows the real quantity again or the difference to the last counting, everything with just one button. The device is equally usable by right and left handers. The device is also continuously showing its state of charging, to avoid false counting by low voltage. The internal battery pack can be charged with an additional available charger.

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