We move goods from China to Germany and inversely.

About us

Suzhou ZG global Trading Ltd. was founded 2011 as part of the company group, as representative abroad bureau for the company directly in Suzhou, China.

We deliver your items or spare parts after your detail drawing. We will find a suiting manufacturer for your parts and check the quality of the manufactured goods with independent experts, with certified tolls and issue a detailed check report for you. Our partners have a long experience history with German companies and know the generally high quality requirements.

We are confident to support you continuously and efficient with the ongoing cost optimization process.

We will also find customers for your product and will create a significant market analyses. We would be glad to welcome you for an exclusive and nonbinding offer.

PMV Suzhou Rui Zhang
Sourcing from the sleeping giant
Export to Germany

We are offering a continuous growing scale of qualified suppliers for a wide diversity of manufacturing processes and the export of these products to Europe and worldwide.

  • We audit supplier after your or our specifications
  • Manufacturing of mechanical parts after your drawings
  • We check your drawings for plausibility and feasibility and offer also their optimization if required
  • We check the manufactured parts in China and create check reports as part of the delivery if required. (4 eyes principle)
  • We organize the shipment, shipment documents and all custom processes
  • Special knowhow protection by a supplier distribution strategy

"We get the best safe potential from each part!"

Here are some of our qualified manufacturing methods we can provide:

  • Turned parts in all tolerance classes and surface qualities
  • Milled parts in all tolerance classes and surface qualities
  • Injection moulded parts
  • Casted parts (iron, steel)
  • Welded groups in a diversity of manufacturing methods
  • Materials: Aluminium, stainless steel, steel, plastics and many more

In addition we have a wide variety of suppliers and manufacturers of standard and purchase parts in China and deliver these if required and possible after European standards (CE, DIN, TÜV etc.).

Get on the market
Import to China

GWe are glad to support you with the distribution of your product to and in China

  • We create significant market analyses
  • We find potential customers within your target group
  • We organize promotions, fair participations etc.
  • We check authority regulations, requirements, qualifying procedures, costs and taxes
  • If required we will take care for the shipment including all required documents and procedures